Founded in Thessaloniki in 2012, the individual technical company KONSTANTINOS G. PACHTAS by Pachtas Konstantinos, Mechanical Engineer, with activity based on modern energy technologies in the field of building, innovation, green development and business know-how in both home and business sector. 

With an experienced team of partners, suppliers and technicians and always under the supervision of experienced engineers, our company undertakes private and public works of plumbing and air conditioning heating and cooling, always aiming to provide high quality services. 

Heating and air conditioning projects for home and businesses, heat pumps, underfloor heating, gas installations, plumbing and drainage installations, plumbing and sanitary refurbishments are some of our projects. 

In addition, with our know-how and experience in energy-saving applications, we act as your energy consultant, offering you the best possible solution for upgrading your home's heating and air conditioning plants with the highest possible energy savings. Save energy today and reduce your energy costs. 

Do not hesitate to consult us before proceeding with any intervention!

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